What is the difference between virtual and augmented reality?

augmented reality

Virtual vs. Augmented

Have you ever get confused on the difference of virtual and augmented reality? Most people do. Sometimes, you even mixed up the two, and you’re not really aware that you are actually using either one of them. But, technically, what is the difference between virtual and augmented reality?


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Virtual Reality
When you say virtual reality, it is a computer-generated designed to recreate, digitalize, and enhance the technology experience of the users. Virtual Reality can be experienced through visors or goggles that let the users be brought to another world without traveling or without even moving. It aims to let the users experience an out-of-this-world vision and hearing simulation.

Virtual Reality today has been fast growing and been adapting more and more to level up the immersed experience of the users. Some Virtual Reality created now have developed other ways to extend the users’ experience like some effects of smoke, seating on a moving chair, water splashes, real roller coaster ride while wearing goggles, not only you see yourself in other places, you also “feel” the surroundings.

Virtual Reality


Augmented Reality
PokemonAugmented Reality is not the same as the virtual reality that brings you to experience through the senses. It is more on adding tweak on the reality by the use of applications on devices like mobile phones or laptops. One application that became a trend is the Pokemon Go. Along with the use of GPS, this application is possible to find monsters around the world. Another example is the Facebook Messenger where you can take pictures and add some effects like glasses that aligns to your eyes, or hats that are placed on top of your head automatically.

Another example of the augmented reality that we see usually on television broadcasting news – we see flashing headlines below or on top, weather reporting became easy for you can flash maps beside you and be able to visually educate and inform the audience. Augmented Reality today has become fast-pacing as well with the technology’s changes.



Virtual and Augmented
Both virtual and augmented reality plays a role in the technology world where it both gives tremendous view and experience of the world today. It has now been earning a lot of attention in media since it is both used mostly in entertainment purposes.


Since almost all of the people are using technology, it is not hard for them to adapt to technology. For virtual reality, you can be on top of a mountain, while for augmented reality, a mountain pops out of your telecast. With these two that can both give the users with a heightened and better experience, both may have diversities, but both contribute to the growth of the world of technology.

Aside from the entertainment, both can also provide something that could benefit people. For example, these two can be of help in terms of medical studies, making it useful for practices. One project is proposed to be a great potential in the medical field and has been studied as a treatment for PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Virtual Reality and Augmented reality may have a lot of differences in terms of entertainment, quality, uses benefits, and other areas where these two have its own strengths. You never know, that having these two combined will create a bigger impact to the technology community. And expect more changes to these two as business grow, and as time join the technology’s pacing.


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