Top Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Technology Trends For 2019

Virtual reality

Technology Trends for 2019

Augmented reality and virtual reality technologies are innovations that are creating a big and unforgettable mark in the technology industry of the 21st century. They are a multi-billion industry that is transforming both the entertainment and market place.


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Augmented reality is the technology that enhances an already existing reality, for instance, the inserting of bunny ears on your photo by using Snapchat filters. Virtual reality technology is equipped to bring the assumption to the user through computer simulation that they are in a different location or place. These are done through gadgets like goggles or Virtual Reality blocks. When you put on the googles, you are taken into another dimension which seems real to you. You can be in your living room and through the virtual reality technology, you find yourself on the moon fighting aliens.

Virtual Reality

Over the years these technologies have been trending and will continue to do so due to their enormous impacts and the improvements being made on them. Below are SOME TOP AUGMENTED REALITY AND VIRTUAL REALITY TECHNOLOGY TRENDS FOR 2019 that you should watch out for:-


Artificial Intelligence
This is the ability of machines like computers to know and comprehend matters like or even better than humans. Scientists have found a way to use augmented reality with artificial intelligence to identify elements that are present in your reality. This is best seen in apps like Snapchat through the use of its animated filters. Machines like google microscope will use both augmented reality and virtual technology to detect the growth and location of abnormal cells that could be cancerous. In addition to that if you love playing games you will find it hard to win for the computer will be able to predict your movements.


Educational Purposes

These technologies will help improve how students learn and comprehend certain subjects. Virtual reality will help students perform surgeries as if they were doing it for real. This will reduce risks that would have been present if they were practicing on a live patient. Augmented reality will help lectures disseminate information to their students in a quicker and faster way.

virtual reality

Both Augmented and virtual reality will be useful in training and teaching. The US army, for instance, uses these technologies to assist in mission operations by examining a soldier’s performance if they were in that operation. Walmart also used Oculus Go headsets which are a form of these technologies to train over 15000 employees about customer care.


Entertainment Industry

Both augmented and virtual reality have been used to make simulations more realistic. Games and movies that use these realities will be greatly improved by bridging the gap between fantasy and reality. You will physically be able to feel the elements you are experiencing in the game or while watching a movie; if it is raining you will feel wet.



Through Augmented and virtual reality you will be able to interact with your friends and family who are far away through virtual conference calls. You will be able to interact with them not just through instant video or calls but by them being virtually there with you thanks to advanced computer simulations.


It is evident that the segmenting and virtual reality technologies are trailblazing innovations that are changing and will continue to change how we perceive our life, work, and interactions. These technologies will take mankind to the next level saving a lot of money and time and making work easier by simplifying complex situations and problems.

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