How is Virtual Reality Used?


Virtual Reality Uses

Virtual reality is a 3D artificial environment created using computer technology and can be interacted with and explored by the user. It makes it possible for one to experience anything, anytime, and anywhere. In recent years, virtual reality has featured prominently in technology news and is continuing to grow in popularity.

Well, it is easy for many people to forget that virtual reality is used for a lot more than just gaming. As a matter of fact, the uses that are outside of gaming are many. In this article, we are going to look at the other uses of virtual reality.  Article Sponsor: Your Local Plano Staining and restaining fence company


How is Virtual Reality Used?


This is one of the most obvious uses of VR, apart from gaming. It lets learners get deep into the subject in a manner they wouldn’t otherwise experience. It also lets them engage actively in learning. One great example is Google’s ‘Expedition’ that’s designed to let students and teachers take engaging VR journeys in a classroom setup. Some programs such as World of Comenius, also utilize VR to help students better understand the human anatomy.


Today, VR is being used in healthcare. NASA has actually been using VR for many years now to help improve the quality of mental health of their astronauts on long-term missions. Psychiatrists at the University of Louisville also use VR in the cognitive behavior therapy to help treat patients who have post-traumatic stress disorder, social anxieties and/or phobias like fear of heights, fear of flying and more.

Another healthcare use of VR is in dentistry. Dental students are now using virtual reality to enhance their learning experiences. There are programs which can walk students through the entire dental procedure. The simulations usually have different procedures, patient history, and can even exhibit different patient personalities to help the students learn how to cope with different patients.


VR is currently being used to train militaries around the world. It is used to help train soldiers and other personnel, especially for environments that are dangerous and expensive to simulate in other ways. It makes the training more versatile, less labor intensive, less costly and safer. For example, the UK armed forces utilize VR to train soldiers for the parachute jumps. Some giant chain stores like Walmart are also using VR to train their workers. This supermarket has actually partnered with STRIVR (a VR startup Company) to create experiences of real-world scenarios so that the workers can learn how to best respond in different situations.


VR is can be used to create immersive attractions and experiences for theme parks, by basically adding extra layers of content over the real world experiences. A creative organization specializing in the design of themed experiences (known as, Falcon Creative Group), has worked on many VR projects including the popular Kennedy Space Center Heroes and Legends attraction. Marriott Hotels have also created a “teleporter” that allows visitors to step into a booth, put on an Oculus Rift headset, and then get virtually transported to a beach in Hawaii or a town in Paris. The teleporter is so surreal that the users can actually feel the sun on the body and the sand under their feet.


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