What Is The Future Of Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality

Stepping Into The Future

Once upon a time, virtual reality was all but a fiction. Explored mainly in sci-fi novels or movies, however, things have changed. With the technology of nowadays, everything is conceivable, even three-dimensional simulations. Today we will delve deep into the very core of this concept and explore its features.


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So starting from the beginning, one may wonder what is considered a virtual reality? To put it simply, it is a computer-generated realm which incorporates the senses of sight, hearing and some other forms of senses. It is deemed a reality, because of it’s correspondence to our real world on almost every level. Though it may sound strange telephones, the internet and computers are also part of this “plane of existence”, they were the first steps into a larger, limitless universe. Take for example Facebook or it’s predecessor MySpace, these platforms served as a source of communication between people who found themselves in a long distanced relationship. No longer were letters needed, the progress of technology absolutely substituted the old system of messaging. Another great example is photography and the digitalization of memories into the form of photos. These two instances perfectly show us how intertwined are both the external world and its virtual clone. Information is energy that transforms from one entity to another, regardless of its origin inside our brains, or inside the brain of a computer.



The Future

Enough talk about the past, now let us focus on the future. In the gaming industry, the idea of the virtual reality has gained popularity. People take interest in the prospects of VR sets. It is been always a dream for humanity to escape the boundaries of our own, reality into a world of wonder and uncertainty. First, there were books, then a movie, then games, and now virtual worlds, in which everything seems possible. There was always this odd appeal for an imagination to be experienced in a sensitive way, now this is possible. From 2016 until now, major companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft have all invested in the VR technology. However, with this being said, let’s see if this is indeed a dream come true, or maybe a nightmare.


Pros and Cons

vrAs with everything in existence, there are both benefits and drawbacks, pros and cons, advantages and flaws. For some people VR is a blessing, however, for others, this is but a curse. An escape for those who can not appreciate the beauty of our own world. As Hayao Miyazaki stated: “Virtual reality is a denial of reality. We need to be open to the powers of imagination, which brings something useful to reality. VR can imprison people.” Both sides have their valid points, a person should learn to adapt to his unwelcoming environment and search for new ways to change it for the better, but he needs also a time off, in a place where he can be whoever he wants without being judged, repressed or twisted by his surroundings. Another positive example is how VR influences other fields, like psychology and science, it can serve as a tool for a controlled environment, without taking any risks whatsoever, just peacefully researching without the need of complications. The point is that consequences lose their real significance because, in a realm where one establishes the rules, one can not be judged, as previously mentioned. With that being said, the most logical assumption that needs to be made is which side outweighs the other!


In conclusion, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the VR technology will continue to develop. The real question is, will this be the best road for humanity to take?! Only time will truly tell because we as people best learn from personal experience. Despite every speculation, let us just see it through with our own eyes and then most certainly we will make the right choice!

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