Welcome to Arsvirtual , a program developed by Fundación Telefónica in virtual reality that will allow you to travel through the cities of Spain and visit those monuments that are part of our artistic and cultural heritage.

Navigating through this website, you can know and get into each of the artistic monuments presented here.

Each visit, is established as a recreational – didactic recreation so that, besides enjoying it, you can know the most important aspects of the history of the monument as well as access information and photographs of the different artistic elements that are inside each monumentThe starting point of the visit will begin in front of the main facade of the monument and then you can surround the monument on the outside, with a sense of reality of the route.


In this virtual world, you can walk around inside as if you were really there. It has total freedom of movement and can even access and approach corners and elements that are normally out of reach of visitors.


Both inside and outside the visit can be done in two ways: a guided tour, which shows the main corners of the monument sequentially, facilitating the tour of the most important and interesting places and other modality, visit free, in which you choose the routes you prefer to perform, including those corners that are not accessible in reality. There is a third possibility that is the visit of the “hidden corners”, in which you can access unusual places that in a normal visit to the monument,

The web also offers information on the city where the monument resides, information on how to get there and other aspects of tourist interest related to the monument and its city.

In addition, you can find the programs of activities that take place in the monuments that are presented on this website throughout the year, such as exhibitions, concerts and other events.

There is a virtual community space, where forums, chats, conferences and congresses are organized, related to historical – cultural themes of the Spanish artistic heritage.

Finally, the web offers a series of tools to facilitate the use of the web, such as: a map of Spain for you to locate and find the monument you want to visit quickly, at the same time that the monuments contained in it are displayed web and its geographical location and a map of the contents and sections of the web.

Currently, the virtual reality recreations of the Cathedrals of Palma de Mallorca, Cuenca, Oviedo and Valencia are available, as well as the Royal Palace of Madrid and the Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial.